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Euclideus MARS is an assisted decision-making system. By using algorithmic logic, MARS allows an Oil Operator with a monthly average buying program, to detect efficient and optimal buying and selling signals.

Using deep market volatility analysis together with a risk management implementation, Euclideus MARS offers the Oil Trader clear entry and exit signals which result in a profit increase over oil managed positions while reducing market exposure and risk.

The efficient Risk Management solutions delivered by Euclideus MARS results in a systematical reduction on volatility in the most relevant oil related assets.

As a consequence of this risk reduction, Euclideus MARS is capable of beating the market in a consistent and reliable way, adding real value decisions and providing a higher and more stable profit than a classic monthly average buying program.

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Hedging signals

Optimal Hedging Signals

Whether it works with a long or short hedging position, Euclideus MARS provides clear profit-taking or stop-loss signals which, in fact, address the most common questions regarding a Hedging Strategy: designing an Optimal Hedge Ratio and deciding the Best Timing for execution.

Risk tracking

Risk Tracking & Tackling

Euclideus MARS aims to reduce the risk assumed by a regular monthly average buying program. To do so, Euclideus MARS makes use of a new standard of Volatility Computing Systems and Indicators, which result in a smoother risk tracking and thus, in an optimal risk contention.